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why choose...


transforming businesses and their people

our experience


Our considerable senior level experience comes from working successfully in some of the world's market leading innovative companies.

We are experienced in business transformation across a variety of business sectors including; supply chains, logistics, retail, multichannel, industry and manufacturing.

Our team of consultants and partners bring specific skills in a variety of disciplines including business strategy, transformation leadership, project management, change management, competence development, performance coaching, and business improvement.

We don’t just rely on our experience, however, we remain curious and invest in being up to date in the latest thinking, insights, and methods to keep our concept relevant to our client's needs and our changing world.


our different approach

Unlike many consultancies who come in to ‘solve’ problems for clients with a high cost, we focus on utilising the internal potential of companies and their people, who know their business, in a cost-effective way.


Using the principle ‘that you only need a spark to light a fire’, we have a small agile group of experienced and professional independent consultants.


Our low-cost structure and efficient transformation concept is designed to make our offer accessible to all business sizes.


By providing situational frameworks, methodologies, knowledge and coaching to undertake your own business transformation, our concept results in a higher level of ownership and sustained value growth than is often otherwise achieved.


our leverage

of potential

Our business idea and concept targets three potentials that create the greatest business value through transformation:

  • Your business transformation process - organisations who use a well-designed business transformation process are 3 times more likely to be successful in reaching their expected objectives.

  • Your change management process - the average success rate of change is 33%, however when executed with excellence, the success rate of change can be 133% of expected results.

  • Your people - on average people only demonstrate 40% of their potential at work. We work to unleash the remaining 60% of hidden potential in people, to grow business results.

our approach

to cost


We have focused on how we can provide you with a high quality and effective service, at a comparably low cost.


Our business model removes all unnecessary costs, passing the savings on to you in providing our service:

  • We do not operate with high fixed costs like offices.

  • We do not spend heavily on self marketing.

  • We work as a team of professional independent consultants.

  • We do not spend heavily on expensive travel or benefits.

  • We design our programmes and utilise our time in optimal ways.

  • We do not seek unnecessary work or inflate our rates.


Our concept and services are designed in such a way to make it efficient to deliver and adopt by our clients, saving your time and minimising any failure costs.


our client

value focus


We put your needs and your transformation goals in the lead of what we do, and act situationally with our concept to deliver outcome based results.

We provide our services in an honest, timely and transparent way, providing you with an ‘outside in’ perspective.


We act as partners to your businesses and people, to amplify the cooperation and culture needed to successfully deliver your strategic objectives.

We respect your confidentiality and integrity and do not share our relationships or the services being provided, unless it is of benefit to you and with your consent.




We operate with a set of values to create a trustful, open and positive working relationship with you.


• We work in a respectful way towards all people and all businesses.

• We work with integrity towards your needs and situation.

• We work with an ethical mindset towards other people and businesses.

• We work with you in an open, honest and transparent way.

• We value informality and positivity in a professional way.

• We value a sustainable approach to business, people and the planet.

• We value simplicity and avoid unnecessary complexity and jargon.

• We value co-operation and togetherness in our relationships.

Paul brings his personality and professionalism to create an open, supportive and trusting relationship

Paul has an inclusive approach to people and their potential

a forward looking approach that builds on an organisation's strengths

and potential

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