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Business transformation is a fundamental change in an organisation to grow value. Such transformations go beyond just a change to make an improvement and are initiated by a strategic direction.

We work either from an existing business strategy, or if there is a need to revise and renew your strategy, we can help facilitate that. If your needs are in a specific strategic initiative and change activity, our concept can be adapted to ensure your ability to lead your success.

We look from the outside in, to understand your strategic needs, scope and organisational culture. From this we can define the roadmap and how to provide the knowledge for our concept to work successfully for you.

our concept

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Our integrated end-to-end approach brings significant benefits to your transformation.

We enable and utilise your internal capabilities and resources to lead your transformation.

We provide a cost effective and efficient transformation process you can adopt in your organisation.

We provide proven methodologies and tools that you can work with successfully to achieve value growth.

We generate increased ownership within your organisation and your people to deliver your transformation objectives.

We provide long term and sustained value growth in your organisation and the foundation for continual improvement.




Our comprehensive diagnostic establishes the current situation and the maturity of your organisation's existing capabilities, identifying the
necessary activities that are required for you to deliver a successful transformation and value growth.


The diagnostic leads to a clear scope for applying our end-to-end concept, and identifies any situational adaptions necessary to meet your objectives.

We regularly review our diagnostic at key milestones throughout the transformation process, to ensure that the success criteria necessary for

successful transformation are in place.

transformation design

Our transformation design process involves mapping your transformation and value streams across several core business dimensions and establishes how your organisation will lead the transformation.

The design identifies the current and future situation objectives for each dimension, why change is needed, and what changes will be made.

Performance metrics and timelines are also identified in the design stage to meet your expected objectives.

This design process can also identify unforeseen needs where a change considered in one area will have other transformational impacts in an organisation, avoiding unplanned consequences and risk of failure.

project management

The transformation design will define the needs, goals and roadmap of the transformation, which is then translated into a transformation programme and project planning.

This identifies the most beneficial programme and project methodologies and defines the critical interdependencies to provide the neccessary programme assurance, governance structures, stakeholder management and risk mitigation.

Activities are coordinated to amplify efficiency, avoid risk of failures and to deliver effective outcomes in a timely manner across all levels of your organisation.


transforming businesses and their people


change management

The programme and project plan defines the roadmap for the change management process and plans to be established.

Our change management approach focuses on the needs and the co-ordination of activities that strengthen the success of your transformation, by enabling and engaging your organisation to successfully adopt the programme and project deliverables.

Our concept focuses on the effective leadership of change, working with defined stakeholders in a situational way, and with a clear focus on end user adoption.



The change management plan will provide the roadmap for developing the needed competencies and planning to deliver successful transformation.

Our concept defines competence as more than just training. We work
to identify the relevant capabilities needed to deliver new ways of
working successfully.

We apply a competence and learning design methodology to amplify new knowledge transfer, by also developing the attitudes and behaviours that generate the necessary competence to reach a successful transformation.

performance coaching

Our competence plan identifies the performance coaching roadmap and the necessary coaching interventions, to develop your end user's experience and to maximise adoption.

Our concept also provides the methodology for your organisation to review your transformation and new ways of working, to identify the key success criteria necessary to enable sustainable performance
and value growth.


This leads to providing the optimal result of your transformation and
provides a platform for your  continual improvement and innovation in the future, providing long term and sustainable value growth.

we can magnify aspects of the evolvereia concept for your specific capability needs.

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