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paul glass

taking business transformation back to basics

The Institute of Directors Scotland Business Podcast interviews directors from all over Scotland about their careers and business. 

Listen to this episode from IoD Scotland Business on Spotify featuring evolveria founder, Paul Glass, on taking business transformation back to basics.

Evolvereia is a business transformation consultancy that provides businesses and their people with the the internal capabilities to achieve successful change and value growth. 

With a strong team and experience from a variety of industries and large companies - Paul and his team are selling knowledge. You will never hear about who their clients are - because the focus is on evolvereia and protecting the integrity of their clients. The twist in it all, is coming back to basics and making change stick for the long run.

Why not listen to other IoD podcasts including Policy Voice, or join the conversation and share your thoughts on Twitter @IoD_Scotland or joining the LinkedIn Scotland group.

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